Month: April 2018

Yesterday we got listed at our first Exchange

For the ones who missed it, Senyo coin got listed on coinexchangeio yesterday. We are very happy that we had the opportunity to list Senyo before the end of the month. And we luckily succeeded. Since the moment we went live on the exchange, we got a lot more people into our Discord community. We […]

Senyo got listed at

Hello Relations, Hooray! Today we got finally listed at For us it was a super excited period. We want to thank everyone involved so far. Right now the next chapter of our very young project has started. Our block-chain on CE has been tested, and it’s 100% working. Everyone can transfer their Senyo coins […]

First exchange is going to be

Some community members and people we spoke at Bitcoingarden all suggested one exchange to start, Bittrex. We had to be honest and told them, that Bittrex would be out of our reach. But to start off we came up with a very nice exchange, which has both a lot of potential investors, volume you name […]

A bright future with Senyo

Having said that we already got contact with a growing number of potential investors. We still would like to raise Senyo to the next level. At this moment we are trying to pick a date to finally launch Senyo at the first big Exchange. Which exchange this will be… We will publish this ASAP. Further […]

Senyo is going to be our name

We allready spoke with quite some potential investors. They mostly liked our name Senyo. We hope to be able to archeive a new milestone within the Altcoin market. With Senyo we are going to conquer a important part within the both Japanese and International Digital currency market. Are you going to support Senyo? You can […]

Website installed

Hello people, We want to welcome you to our website. As you can see it’s far from done. In the weeks to follow we will further develop the website and build in our brand Senyo. We know that it’s still a long way to go. but please stick around and refresh our site every few […]